Authorized by Calgary-Foothills Alberta Party Constituency Association -

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Jennifer's Stance on the Issues: 

Local Representation:

Jennifer will be a strong local voice, an MLA who lives in the ridings and understands the specific issues of Calgary Foothills and our newer communities need for services.


Fiscally Responsible:

Jennifer believes when government representatives set the right tone for prudent and effective spending; taxes can remain low while jobs are created both in the public and private sectors.  A government should not spend or cut budgets and hope for a trickledown effect, a government should actively audit and monitor spending to make sure tax dollars are used effectively and budget accordingly.  Jennifer and the Alberta Party will push for prudent fiscal management to make sure high-level service standards are met, and jobs created in both the private and public sectors.


Reduce Red Tape:  

It is important for small businesses, who are the primary drivers of job growth and GDP growth in Alberta. Alberta needs simple and clear rules and processes, that generate positive results and keep timelines for businesses short and effective. Simple and clear governance will keep Alberta’s businesses engaged and improve trust between government regulations and business investments.


Schools and Services:

Calgary Foothills is a fast growing community with new communities approved and an ever-expanding population. It is crucial for our communities to have adequate access to schools, healthcare, and transportation. A strong voice in the legislature is required to improve our children’s access and quality of education, as well as reduce travel time for families to get the services they need.


A Strong and Reasonable Voice:

The politics of extreme viewpoints can lead to distrust and lower standards of living across the population. What Alberta needs are strong representatives with reasonable and empathetic standards. We should continue to treat others as we wish to be treated and be diplomatic yet firm in our resolve to push forward Albertan initiatives on a national level.