Authorized by Calgary-Foothills Alberta Party Constituency Association -

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Jennifer Wyness




As the Alberta Party candidate for Calgary Foothills, Jennifer is looking forward to
contributing valued provincial leadership to the communities of Arbour Lake, Citadel,
Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, West Evanston and the surrounding Symons Valley area.

Calgary Foothills will benefit from her diverse background in local and international
public relations, management of public facilities, and work as president and director of
non-profits focused on mediation and conflict management skills in local high schools.

Jennifer’s time in public facilities management was spent turning around recreation
facilities from cost centers to self-sustaining programs. Doing so by listening to the
concerns of stakeholders and driving needs focused programs in efficient and
innovative ways. Always asking how can we provide more value with limited resources.

Jennifer is also a strong proponent for those in our society that struggle with chronic
pain. Managing her own injuries from a car accident almost 20 years ago, Jennifer has
seen firsthand the inefficiencies of a medical system that continually mischaracterizes
those living in constant pain. Alberta is in need of common sense leadership on the
subject of those in pain in our society.

A fiscal hawk, Jennifer focuses on value-added benefits of government programs, taxes,
and incentives. She knows that if something isn’t getting the intended results, then it’s
time to go back to the drawing board.

Jennifer lives in Citadel in the Calgary-Foothills riding, and knows how important it is to
newer communities to have strong vocal support for facilities and services. The nuances
of these needs are best articulated by someone who lives in the riding.

As a mother and wife, Jennifer knows the importance of family and empathizes with
families in our community struggling with employment, and lack of services and support.
It is crucial the provincial government supports families, by building a friendly business
environment, keeps taxes and user fees competitive, and provides services and

Jennifer has a Bachelors of Kinesiology with a minor in sociology (University of the Fraser

Valley) and post graduate diploma in Public Relations (University of Victoria).