Your donation will go to help Jennifer build community and voter engagement. Every little bit helps.


Jennifer will post an updated campaign budget weekly, so you know how your donation is used.

Who can donate to a campaign?


Only residents of Alberta may make a contribution.

Individual contributions of $5,000 per candidate.



Donate and campaign sources and uses:


Times are difficult in Calgary, and money should not buy elections.  I am putting every effort into my campaign to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible, any money donated is used to engage voters. As such I have provided a budget as to where donated funds have been utilized.


If Calgary continues to elect candidates who spend $343,000 dollars on elections, that should only cost a max $20,000; we can only expect the same frivolous spending once in office.


The incumbent Ward 2 Councilor spend over $75,000 on the 2013 election for 33% of the Ward 2 votes.


Incumbent 2013 campaign, 2017 campaign donations and contributors.


Accountability starts before a candidate is elected.


The best way to help is to tell a friend.


A note: I am focusing on intrinsic value, function over form. It is the message of accountability and the entrepreneurial values of doing much with very little that I want to bring to City Hall. 


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