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Your donation will go to help Jennifer build community and voter engagement. Every little bit helps.


Only residents of Alberta may make a contribution.

Individual contributions of $5,000 per candidate.



Times are difficult in Calgary, and money should not buy elections.  I am putting every effort into my campaign to be as cost-effective and efficient as possible, any money donated is used to engage voters. 


If Calgary continues to elect candidates who spent $343,000 dollars on elections, that should only cost a max $20,000; we can only expect the same frivolous spending once in office.


The incumbent Ward 2 Councillor spent over $343,000 on the 2017 election for 11,828 votes that is nearly $30 per vote. I (Jennifer) spent less than $0.70 per vote. 

In 2017 we spent under $6,000 for 36% of the Ward 2 votes. This was the least amount spent per vote of any candidate in the 2017 civic election. This time with your donation and support I will continue my work to become your voice at City Hall. 


Incumbent 2017 $343,000 campaign, 2013 $80,000 campaign donations and contributors.

Who can donate to a campaign:
Accountability starts before a candidate is elected
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