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Connecting Community:

What makes Calgary great? Our people, our diversity, our love of family and our willingness to care for each other. COVID-19 has disrupted life as we knew it. The next 4 years will be spent restoring old and building new connections with our neighbours communities, businesses and the city-at-large. To do this well, we will need to do the work needed to attract people, businesses, public facilities and events to Ward 2. At City Council, I will be the voice of Ward 2 residents and businesses. I will advocate for the amenities we deserve; community centres, arts, recreational and educational facilities, walkable neighbourhoods and commercial areas. Many of these projects will demand cooperation with other levels of government and private enterprise. I know that—and cannot wait to get to work!

I think communities connect when people connect. As your City councillor, I will spend the next four years working with my City colleagues and communities. I can help mediate the inevitable conflicts that arise when ward reps seek common ground. I want to engage with others and find win-win solutions for all stakeholders in our communities. As the Ward 2 councillor, I commit to being there to celebrate your achievements; to being there when you need a voice; to being there when Ward 2 residents need someone to listen.

Connecting Ward 2 to Calgary: 

Residents of Ward 2 have a myriad of transportation needs. Some of us drive, some of us bike, some of us walk, some of us take transit—and most of us do it all.  

In the 2017 civic election, I advocated for the 14th St overpass being built over Stoney Trail.  Today, I support the Greenline, which improves access to city-wide affordable transportation and connectivity. I am also an advocate of bike paths and lanes and I want to work on transportation solutions for those with limited accessibility.  Transportation is a key issue in Ward 2 and I want to represent the ward’s interests at City Hall. 

Connecting Ward 2 to Calgary

Connecting Calgarians to Calgary’s Businesses:

Thriving commercial areas are essential to the future of Ward 2. I want to work towards flexible zoning regulations that increase the number of spaces where entrepreneurs can put up shop in Ward 2. Moving forward, we need the kind of bespoke retail spaces that are full of exciting, entrepreneurial, and local businesses. We also need these spaces to be developed in welcoming and walkable communities that are safe for all demographics.  

Commercial spaces also need to be developed with this ward’s unique vistas in mind.  While Beacon Hill offers some amazing views of Calgary, that district doesn’t have a single commercial space that takes advantage of the incredible views that area offers.  Imagine a view like that—without a single restaurant patio to celebrate the location. That’s a missed opportunity and I want to work with Ward 2 residents and businesses to make sure that kind of poor planning doesn’t happen again.  

Calgarians to Calgary’s Businesses:

Connecting your tax dollars to services:

Your taxes pay for the services you use—and you deserve quality. I think City Council has a responsibility to pursue constant improvement in how the City conducts and pays for its business. I am inherently frugal and I will not throw good money at bad. I will make it my goal to be a prudent steward of how the City spends tax dollars; my focus will be to make sure it is clear and transparent where your tax dollars go. Do I believe in work-place efficiencies? Of course. I also believe those efficiencies are best discovered and explored in a cooperative and solutions-focused environment. I don’t want to be an armchair critic I want to be a roll-up-my-sleeves and get down to business Ward 2 rep. 

tax dollars to services:

Connecting Community:

Connecting Calgary to Alberta, Canada, and the World:

As a City of Calgary councillor, I will represent my community and its desire to be seen in a positive light by others. Ward 2 pays for a seat at the City table. Are we getting our money’s worth? Absolutely not. Ward 2 deserves to be recognized as a community of Calgarians who care about the future of our homes, communities and businesses. I welcome the opportunity to be your voice at the table. I pledge to be the City councillor this ward deserves; a person who cares, a person who listens, a person who works towards change and, most fundamentally, a person of honest character.

Calgary to Alberta, Canada, and the World:

Connecting with you:

Every effort to improve our communities and Calgary begin with you. With that in mind, my contact information is available on this website. I look forward to connecting with you. Please reach out to voice your concerns, or to let me know if I can count on your support. I am listening—and I want to hear what you have to say.

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